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The main goal is to prevent diseases
Басты мақсат – аурулардың  алдын алу 24.05.2019

Good health of the population largely depends on the fact that the products they consume, the environment is clean. Upon arrival in Almaty, a branch of the Republican state enterprise on the right of economic management "national center of expertise" of the Committee for public health of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty, interested in the violation of public health and consumption of quality products.  Organization General prevention of diseases such an important role in lowering the incidence of basic, clinical examination, conducted since 1991, diseases, products, works, services and economic facilities, those types of actions listed in the sanitary rules and hygiene standards perform other requirements to correctly identify, comply with the Customs Union technical work is carried out. Laboratories of the branch are involved in the diagnosis of parasitic morbidity and infectious diseases. Performs the functions of sanitary-hygienic, radiological, bacteriological, virological, parasitological laboratory studies, while identifying the vibration of sound, measurement of light, electromagnetic fields and other factors of the human environment.

The branch is equipped with deep modernized laboratory equipment, which will carefully check food products, building materials, children's toys, drinking water and wastewater, as well as perfume and cosmetic products. In addition, the institutions carry out production control and provide services for certification of workplaces.

For successful service institutions, of course, need modern equipped laboratories, along with experts with knowledge. In the sanitary-hygienic laboratory of the branch there are laboratory departments of food, labor, municipal hygiene, toxicology of polymeric materials and other chemicals, Express research and toxicology of pesticides.  The content of harmful substances (toxic elements) in fruits is determined by lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury element, voltammetric and atomic absorption methods in the analyzer STA, atomic absorption spectrometer, analyzer Julia. In addition, children's toys have the opportunity to study the absence of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, zinc, chromium) for 30 minutes and get the result immediately. Last year in g. Almaty in accordance with the Technical regulations "on the safety of toys" conducted 413 studies, of which 309 samples of falsification of milk with vegetable oils, some samples in the fortification of flour, milk and fat did not meet the requirements of the Technical regulations "on the safety of toys".

The act of sampling in laboratory of bacteriology in the approved accounting form and information on sample shall be full. Samples received by the laboratory are selected depending on what type of research is recorded, and studies are carried out in full in accordance with the methodological documents. Bacteriology laboratory conducts research of pathogens of intestinal infections, drinking water, swimming pool water and water of open water bodies, LPO to obtain flushes and disinfectants. In addition, from the food war: Salmonella, Staphylococcus, S. aureus, pathogens, including Listeria L. Monocytogenes among the samples of inconsistencies is determined the residual quantity of antibiotics from meat products, GMA (meat soy milk soy) samples of animal DNA samples.

Over the past three months of this year, 142 identification studies on the content of DNA in animals were conducted on the basis of the Almaty city laboratory, of which 99 samples were found to be inconsistent. So, in 77 samples of canned meat instead of meat DNA of soy is found. From other products DNA of pigs and chicken (sausages, pelmeni, cutlets, baked goods) is revealed.  

Recently, pregnant women often suffer from listeriosis and miscarry abortions. To avoid listeriosis women should conduct serology of blood throughout the children's lift, and one bacteriological by: smear Cambrian, urine, feces, vagina. All these activities are carried out by the laboratory of especially dangerous infectious diseases of our branch. Today, much attention is paid to the study of viruses, which are one of the causes of the spread of infectious diseases.

The laboratory of radiology, which determines the radiation state and the level of exposure of the environment, regularly conducts observations. At the same time, radiation safety is monitored, in particular, food and raw materials, drinking water and water bodies, construction and road construction materials, medicinal raw materials, woodworking products, fuel raw materials, mineral fertilizers and radioactive waste, ferrous scrap during smelting and processing, radioactive contamination of special vehicles and equipment.

In addition, we measure the dose rate of gamma radiation in residential and industrial premises, industrial, public institutions, medical institutions using radiopharmaceuticals, x-ray rooms, offices with dose doses affecting patients during the procedure, determine the flow of alpha and beta particles on contaminated surfaces.

Virological laboratory specialists are working to identify infectious diseases among the population. Blood samples delivered to the laboratory from outpatient clinics and infectious disease hospitals. After the initial processing specialists conduct research by means of analysis of the reaction polimeraznoi chain. The results of the study are given on the same day.

At present, the branch of RSE on PCV" national center of expertise " in Almaty has 6 laboratories, 9 laboratory departments, 5 district offices. The branch is accredited in accordance with the international standard ISO 17025.

To date, laboratories equipped with modern equipment of food, water, air and workplace air, toys, bacterial and viral infections (SARS, influenza, measles, rubella, hepatitis, meningitis and intestinal infections), etc., are able to conduct qualitative examinations and analyses.

In addition, the branch has recently established a laboratory for high-tech research. This laboratory is equipped with highly sensitive equipment and conducts more in-depth high-precision laboratory tests of food products.

Sanat Saptaev 


RSE on PVC" national center of expertise"

Branch in Almaty


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