NCE: The content of nitrates in domestic fruit and vegetable products is lower than in imported ones
НЦЭ: В отечественной плодоовощной продукции содержание нитратов меньше, чем в импортных 02.03.2023

Over the past 2022, the National Center for Expertise conducted 15,162 studies of fruit and vegetable products for the content of nitrates.

Selection and examination was carried out both in relation to products imported into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and domestic production.

Studies have shown that in 10,618 samples of fruit and vegetable products of domestic production, 231 samples (2.2%) do not meet the requirements for the content of nitrates, while in 4,544 samples of imported products, 125 product samples (2.8%) did not meet the requirements.

Branches of the "National Center of Expertise" in retail outlets of cities and regions regularly conduct express tests of vegetables and fruits for nitrate content. During such actions, NCE specialists explain to the population why nitrates are dangerous to health.

It should be remembered that vegetables and fruits must be thoroughly washed in running water and fruits and vegetables should be kept in the refrigerator (except for those for which this is contraindicated). And if there is any suspicion, soak fruits and vegetables in water for at least half an hour.