What do megacities breathe
Чем дышат мегаполисы 14.04.2023

In the first quarter of 2023, the number of atmospheric air studies on sanitary and chemical monitoring of the environment increased by 2.4 times. The proportion of atmospheric air samples that do not meet sanitary and hygienic standards is observed in the cities of Astana (9.4%) and Almaty (16.0%).

Atmospheric air monitoring is carried out by the route posts of the laboratories of the National Center for Expertise.

It should be noted that the high level of atmospheric air pollution in megacities with such pollutants as dust, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide is due to: congestion of roads by urban transport, multicomponent emissions of gasoline and diesel fuel of vehicles, lack of sufficient gasification, emissions of products of incomplete combustion of fuel (CHP), etc.