Vegetables and fruits were tested in the laboratory of the Kyzylorda region
Овощи и фрукты проверили в лаборатории Кызылординской области 06.10.2023

For 9 months of 2023, the branch of the National Center of Expertise in the Kyzylorda region examined 790 samples of fruit and vegetable products for safety indicators.

According to the results of inspections, an excess of nitrate content was detected in 24 samples. The discrepancy was found in potatoes, watermelons, melons, grapes and apricots. At the same time, in melons and watermelons the nitrate content exceeded the permissible level by 1.5 times, in grapes, apricots and potatoes - by 1.1 times.

Laboratory specialists recommend buying seasonal products, as they are richest in nutrients. Also, the consumer can visually distinguish and refrain from purchasing vegetables and fruits with shape, color and smell unusual for these products.

Nitrates accumulate mainly in roots, taproots, stems and large fibers of leaves.