In Zhetysu, land plots were checked for radiation
В Жетысу на радиацию проверили земельные участки 11.10.2023

In the Zhetysu region, where the construction of residential, administrative buildings and industrial facilities is developing, the branch of the National Center of Expertise carried out 9,147 measurements of radiation levels over 9 months of 2023 on land plots for construction .

Radiological inspection was carried out in 67 objects in Taldykorgan.

In total, during the specified period, 8,610 measurements were taken for gamma radiation and 537 measurements were taken for radon flux density. During the inspection, no excesses of radiation indicators were recorded.

Radiation inspection of land plots allocated for construction is one of the most important elements of ensuring radiation safety.

Research is carried out to identify excess radiation activity on land plots intended for construction, which are carried out in accordance with the sanitary rules in force on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.ф